It is very important for a fashion designer to see the unique details, we create in our garments, to be highlighted in its photographs. Nikitas not only understood my need almost immediately but also instantly visualized how the photographs needed to be clicked to cater to my needs. Obviously, I could not grasp the process in the beginning, but as the shoot was progressing and I could see what he was creating, I couldn't have been more satisfied with the result. Nikitas did total justice to how my garments needed to be presented. He approached the whole process in a perfectly professional manner. He didn't ask me to just show up on the day of the shoot with the garments; instead he spent time to understand the story and the concept behind my small artistic collection and initiated a brain storm session to help me understand my vision for the photographs in the clearer way. I am glad to have worked with Nikitas and I believe that whoever chooses to collaborate with him will leave not only with a great set of photographs but also a wider perspective about their work in general.

Akanksha Sharma - Fashion Designer

So the European guy comes to capture our event, after a journey of 3 days straight, he is ushered to a traditional Indian (Bengali Wedding). My husband being the perfectionist, was a little reluctant on depending on a photographer who has not witnessed any Indian wedding, forget the typical Bengali wedding. However, somehow I was always confident and kept ignoring what my husband had to say. Coming to the part where I would write what I really feel about his skills...the positive energy which he carries with him when he is playing with his camera, probably flows to every element of the frame he is capturing. I being the bride, had to pose a little coy, but when I look at my wedding album, Nikitas had made me come out of my cocoon and be the real me. He, with his magic wand captured all the candid moments, adding an artistic bend to every frame. The most amazing part was, he did not restrict himself; I was surprised to see him all over the place, covering each minute tradition to the perfection. Everybody in my family is completely astonished by the way a person who doesn't know anything about our tradition can just tell a beautiful pictorial story. I would just add that I was fortunate enough to have an award winning international photographer capturing the most memorable event of my life and giving a beautiful treasurable keepsake. Even today when I look at the photographs, I feel like a celebrity.

Sujaya Roy - Event Management Supervisor

I'm very happy from all my collaborations with Nikitas. Every time we meet for a photo session it happens with joy, with the atmosphere being very good, which helps towards having a pleasant time. This in its turn helps for the session to be relaxing and easy. Nikitas has a very strong sense of framing and good ideas in terms of staging an image, leading to a path of unique dynamism and suppleness in respect to the theme in pursuit. Hence, there are many different approaches of the theme, which helps me choose what is most suitable for me.

Giorgos Mavromanolakis - Musician

Nikitas through his art showed different parts of my self. This happened with the right planning, a steady consistency and a great amount of sensitivity and creativity, by keeping to the theme we had agreed. His knowledge, spontaneity and talent were pivotal for the incredible outcome. His work is done with respect and love towards his art.

Aris Sfakianakis - Pianist & Singer, Vocals & Piano

Our dearest Nikitas we would like to warmly thank you and your partners for the wonderful job you did in our wedding and the baptism of our son Alexandros. The impeccable cooperation and the photos from all different angles in our preparation, ceremony and reception left us totally satisfied. Furthermore, our post-wedding art shoot made all the difference! The final result, as it is being depicted in the albums that you set up is perfect and we thank you wholeheartedly for it. With love, Kostas Papadakis, Rodanthi- Iliana Trihaki & Alexandros Papadakis

Kostas, Rodanthi-Iliana, Alexandros

Nikitas has a great talent to bring his ideas into life through his knowledge and skills in the art of photography! He is also very inventive with a sense of humor, which made us feel relaxed and be who we really are! The result was exactly what we wanted!

Aris & Vika

Nikitas has been involved as more than a photographer in our collection photo shoots. Apart from being a very talented photographer (in skill and knowledge) he is also a very strong problem solver. We have collaborated more than once, and it has always been a pleasure to have him in our team and tap into his creativity and skillfulness. He furthermore, pays attention to detail and makes all participants feel comfortable during a photo session. If you want to be the recipients of a unique outcome and worry-free experience, I would say “Go ahead and hire him!”

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Photography, Weddings, Products, Art & Fashion – Testimonials

Photography, Weddings, Products, Art & Fashion – Testimonials